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Washington DC Family Photographer | Personal Heirloom Project

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Jan 22, 2024

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As a Washington DC family photographer, I specialize in capturing special moments. However, sometimes I am tasked with capturing special things. In this particular case it was for my own family. We inherited a beautiful heirloom toddler dress and vintage mirror when my husband’s grandfather passed away. I wracked my brain for months about how to capture these very special items before my daughter outgrew the dress (she is growing so fast!). Ultimately, I decided to keep it simple and selected to do studio portraits that focused not only on how elegant these vintage items are, but also to capture my daughter’s beauty in a pure way. Typically, I opt for all neutrals, but I thought a rich color was in order for this one! By the way, I have such a soft spot in my heart for studio sessions. The simplicity, consistency, and pure focus on the subject is perfection!

I headed to PROCAM Photo & Video Gear where I was able to pickup this stunning Superior Seamless backdrop curbside. Having only used Savage Seamless backdrops in the past, I was very impressed with the quality of Superior Seamless backdrop. It is totally on par with Savage Seamless and they have 50 gorgeous shades to choose from.

Finding Meaning in Moments

To me, no material item is more cherished than photos. Few things can be passed down from one generation to the next with their physical and sentimental value fully in tact. I can’t wait to show my sweet girl these images one day and to pass down these special items to my children. I know they will cherish them just as much as we have and that they will help to keep the memory of their loving great grandparents alive.

The truth is, I completed this personal project during the most challenging time of my life. Photography has been a tool for me for the last ten years. I first became interested in photography after my husband’s cancer diagnosis and continue to use it during difficult moments as a source of distraction, creative outlet, and healing. These photos are more than photos of my daughter in a beautiful heirloom dress. They are photos that remind me of a time. Of a place. Of important moments. I think that is one of the gifts of being a photographer. I don’t only capture meaningful moments for others but also for myself and my family.

As a Washington DC family photographer, I specialize in maternity, baby, and family photography. Serving the Washington, DC metro area, including Maryland and Northern Virginia, I aim to make your sessions as stress-free as possible to create a memorable experience from start to finish. Contact me to learn more and inquire about your session today!

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