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Jun 24, 2024

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As an Potomac Newborn Photographer, I am often asked when the ideal time to capture your baby’s early days is. The “photographer” answer is that the ideal time is when baby is less than 14 days old, ideally around 7-14 days old. With that said, I have never turned away a newborn baby due to their age and think that every age and stage is something to document and celebrate. This sweet boy was a little older but was the PERFECT little model for his session. I mean – just look at those lashes! While the newborn stage can make for a very sleepy babe, there is also so much beauty in a wide awake little one whose personality is beginning to take shape.

This stunning mama also wore one of my favorite colors! I absolutely love light blues and pinks for sessions as they photograph beautifully and are pretty much universally flattering. Sticking to light-reflecting colors like this is always a good option as they also don’t cause a caste on the skin. Some absolutely stunning blue options are here, here, and here.

Capturing Sentimental Items

Potomac newborn photographer, I absolutely love when families have sentimental photo requests during their session. These lovely parents asked for photos of their little one with their wedding rings, which was so precious! It felt so special to have these photos of the symbols of their love and commitment to each other. Whether it be a stuffed animal, jewelry, a vintage outfit, etc., please don’t hesitate to ask for a photo. I am a big believer in photos being immortalized memories and am always willing to capture these meaningful shots for you!

Alexia Ballantine Photography is an award-winning portrait photographer specializing in maternity, baby, and family photography. She serves the Washington, DC and surrounding area, including much of Maryland, and Northern VirginiaReach out today to inquire about your session!

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