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Mar 11, 2024

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Our Family Portraits

I am not just a Potomac family photographer, but I am also a big consumer of photography myself. The DMV has incredible photographers, many of whom I am lucky to call my friends, and my family is just like any other when it comes to the desire to capture beautiful memories of our own.

With that said, the last few years have been a bit crazy. We ended up splitting time between Michigan and Maryland quite a lot, and it made it difficult to plan sessions for ourselves. It has always been really important to me to get one family portrait a year (at least!), so I had to unfortunately take matters into my own hands for the last three years to make it happen.

I say unfortunately because to say that this is a difficult task with two little ones is the understatement of the century! Picking outfits, getting us all ready, setting up a tripod at the perfect spot, getting everyone to look at the camera and give a genuine smile is a Herculean task! Needless to say, I am happy that for the last three years we have had three decent family portraits come out of the experience. Not to say that I would like to do it again any time soon, but I’m grateful to have captured us all together under challenging circumstances. So, today, I am sharing our own family photos from the last three years, including a bonus photo I got last year as we were getting ready to leave our “session.”

We had less than perfect conditions for some of these but I am totally ok with it because they are my own! I don’t hold my own family’s photos to the same standard as I do my client photos!


virginia newborn photographer

My dress: Red Dress Boutique

Maia’s dress: Zara

Milo’s Shirt: Zara


maryland cake smash photographer

My dress: Vici

Maia’s dress: Old Navy

Milo’s Shirt: Zara


maryland baby photographer

We were about to leave our little session when I turned around and saw the most vibrant sky. I was SO lucky to have captured one more quick photo! By this time the kids were over it and it was quite dark (thank you Canon for your low light capabilities!), but I would say we pulled it off! I think these days we photographers are going to feel forced to say things like this out loud – but this sunset is not AI generated. The colors are real

maryland photographer

My dress: Nothing Fits But

Maia’s dress: Noralee

Milo’s Sweater: Zara

Nate’s Sweater: H&M

Are these the most perfect family portraits ever? No. At least one or two of these wouldn’t pass my standards for client photos. But they are us and I treasure them! I can’t wait to not have to do this again this year though! Hiring a professional to take some of the pressure off is going to be lovely!

And just a side note – no one talks about how heartbreaking it is to move from the holding your child in every photo stage to the rarely picking them up stage. I am so grateful for the gift of these bittersweet feelings. It means my babies are healthy and growing, but my mama heart can’t take how fast the little one stage has passed by… As a Potomac family photographer, my best piece of advice is to TAKE THE PHOTOS! BE IN THE PHOTOS! It passes all too fast and you will never regret having them to treasure.

Alexia Ballantine Photography is a portrait photographer serving Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. She specializes in maternity, baby, and family photography. Reach out today to inquire about your session!

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