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Hi there, 2019.


Jan 6, 2019

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Last year was such a whirlwind. There have been ups and downs, but I can say for certain this is one of those years full of memories I will cherish forever. In 2019, first and foremost, I hope that good health will embrace my friends and family, as the roller coaster ride of the last 5 years has been a tough one on all of us and has truly highlighted the importance of health over everything else in life. I hope to grow as a person more this year than ever in every way and in every role, but especially as a mother and wife as we embark on another major life transition. I hope to work on my comfort and confidence as a woman, mama, scientist, and photographer, and I hope to see this translate into successes at both of my jobs and throughout all aspects of my life.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Messick Photography

It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the New Year with our eight month old Milo, who is now growing into a little guy with a big personality. He loves tractors, trucks, and cars and “vroom vrooms” all day long. When he turned 19 months old his expressive language suddenly started taking off and it is so fun to watch him learn so much every day. He is so funny and definitely keeps us on our toes!

This will be another year of growth in so many ways. Our family is about to grow as we await our newest little one to join us in April. I am scared and excited, and mostly looking forward to meeting him or her and getting to know the person they will become (and also seeing Milo as a big brother!).

Photo Credit: Stephanie Messick Photography

I am truly so grateful for all of the support I have received from my clients this year. I can honestly say that I am surprised by how quickly it has taken off! I hope to continue growing my photography business, learning new things (I never want to stop learning!), and meeting new people. I want to keep doing what I love and giving people something that I value so much – memories in print. I look forward to offering some new things to my clients  (I can’t wait to share!) and seeing where life will have taken us this time next year! Now, let’s cheers to a wonderful year of growth, love, and memories ahead!




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