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Jul 17, 2018

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Those lips. Ten perfect, tiny fingers and toes. A beaming, beautiful mama. A family filled with joy. You could feel the love as soon as you walked into the room. This was one very, very loved baby.

Baby Brooks is such a calm little guy, totally at peace with his first modeling experience and posed his way through the whole session! He was so alert and expressive!

As I start this adventure as a photographer, I have definitely been reflective about what an honor it is to be a very small part of special moments like this. Congratulations on the arrival of baby Brooks and thank you for trusting me to capture this moment!

Newborn baby with mother in hospital

Newborn baby making a scowling face

Newborn baby hair photo

Newborn baby feet in hospitalNewborn baby making a silly face

Newborn baby belly with birthmark

Newborn baby with mother in hospital

Newborn baby sleeping in hospital.

Newborn baby with mom in hospital room

Newborn baby with family in hospital.

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